Pathfinder is looking for someone interested in putting their mark on a new and innovative product. The ideal candidate will come in and be very hands on at first to help shape the strategic direction of our platform and with time, will also grow a data team and lead the intelligence side of the software. 


Working directly with the CEO and CTO, the role will suit an exceptional individual highly skilled in working with massive text data-sets, who is also passionate about configuring solutions in a commercial context, deriving insights, and initiating new visionary projects.   


Note that in this role responsibility is attached to the versatility offered and freedom given, and long hours may be demanded regularly to make sure we sky rocket as a service offering, company, and brand. 




Career intelligence start-up, Pathfinder, is the first all-in-one, data-driven platform for the entire career development journey. It aims to utilise AI to make career exploration and planning efficient and personalised.  


Founded by Cambridge University graduate Kim Aviv (CEO) and later joined by Oxford University graduate Laura Bengescu (CTO), the aim of the service is to tackle the growing confusion and anxiety experienced by university students and recent graduates when it comes to career aspirations and direction.


Released in October 2018, the software offers psychometric tests for career suitability, contextual industry data, industry specific news and articles, recommended books and publications, information about industry leaders, suggestions for networking events, classes, skill-building resources, and university degrees. It also provides a database of over 40 million company profiles worldwide, millions of jobs and internships, as well as an inbuilt applications manager, career calendars and to do lists. 


Pathfinder’s main differentiation from its competitors is the fact that it’s a complete ecosystem for users that will guide them throughout their career paths. Unlike other career websites or job boards, Pathfinder attempts to aggregate all data that students or young professionals need in order to stand out in this competitive job market. It aims to grow and change with the user and tries with its practical and yet comprehensive nature to provide a different experience than available silo products.


As we gather this data on a massive scale and across the career trajectory, we think that some incredibly interesting intelligence can be generated, which is our long-term vision for the platform.




- Analysis of c.4 million jobs descriptions to derive industry classification/s and occupational specific skills.

- Revamping of our psychometric tests.

- Developing predictive behavioural models.

- Lots of other super revolutionary projects.




- Ideally a Masters / PhD in Computer Science / Machine Learning / AI / Cognitive Computation.

- Minimum 2 years’ experience (NLP, machine learning, or big data software engineering)

- Fluency in Python

- Experience with Elasticsearch, Pandas, Spark

- Experience of working with large, unstructured text data-sets, using NLP and word classification algorithms 

- Data Mining




- Some experience with cloud computing (Azure ideally)



Please apply!