Freelance Software Engineer


Vitamin Software is a small, international team working with funded startups and entrepreneurial organisations across 4 continents. We are currently located in 6 countries: Romania, Netherlands, France, the US, Brazil and Serbia. We are looking to hire a freelancer software who will work with us remotely.


During the winter period, we need more hands on deck. Therefore, we are seeking software engineers who are willing to work with us for a short time during the winter months (approximately 1-2 months).


Successful freelance software engineers could apply for cooperating with Vitamin during the summer months, as well.


Core values for our team

  • Veni, Vidi, Vici. We strive to come in, evaluate what’s going on, and relieve the customer’s pain quickly.

  • We get the job done. There is no barrier. If we don’t know the tech, we learn it. If we need to install tens of virtual machines by hand, we do it. If we need to restructure the client’s team, we do it.

  • We are comfortable being uncomfortable. You never know what you’ll learn tomorrow. But we guarantee it won’t be boring.

  • We always seek to produce positive ROI for our clients. We only build as much as they need,  as quickly as we can. We enable them to fight another battle.


Primary skills needed


What we are looking for


We are looking for a hard working person, that’s committed to creating solid and well-architected code based on the specs provided by our PM team. Our future colleague should be comfortable working remotely and be fluent in written and spoken the English language. We aren’t looking for specialists in any given technology.

  • Experience with programming languages (Python, Javascript, PHP)

  • Experience with frameworks (Ruby on Rails, Django)

  • Experience with database management systems such as PostgreSQL  




  • work from home 100% of the time or from our informal office when you’re in Bucharest – Seneca Anticafe

  • Payment for 10 hours per week is guaranteed  

  • No need to interact with the client

  • No project analysis is required


Want to apply?


Get in touch in English at jobs@vitaminsoftware.com


With love and carrots, the Vitamin team