iOS Mobile Developer

Berlin, Germany

Full-time, 5 days/week

Who we are

At iRewardHealth we are looking to make a difference in the world.  We are passionate about what we do and are looking to continue building a team that is also passionate, driven, and determined. We are selective in who we bring on as we are a close-knit group, and personality is equally as important to us as technical fit.

What you bring along

  • Experience with the mobile app development lifecycle, including such tools as XCode, Fabric, and Fastlane (Bitrise)

  • Experience in developing iOS applications with Swift and Objective-C

  • Ability (and willing) to work in a fast and efficient agile framework.

  • To work flexibly and independently to get tasks done as well as designing collaboratively with fellow engineers

  • Language skill in English  


  • Knowledge of mobile app testing best practices

  • Experience with the AWS ecosystem

More About iRewardHealth

iRewardHealth is a health incentive app with offices in Boston, MA USA and Berlin, Germany. We strive to help companies raise awareness about healthy lifestyles and habits by rewarding employees for logging behaviors. We are a team who believes in the power of the individual. Through our experience we have learned that successful businesses are lead by healthy and fulfilled people.  

If interested, please email a resume or CV to Christine at christine@irewardhealth.com.