Do you enjoy traveling to different countries?
Do you know about the start-up scene?
Do you understand the Digital Nomad lifestyle?
Have you always wanted to live in San Francisco but never could afford the sky-high rent?
Do you enjoy selling?
Have you conquered adversity?

If you’re shouting YES!, then read carefully. This is not a job where you can take it easy and relax. You are expected to deliver sales results.

Why are you different from the rest? You’ve faced challenges and know how to find a solution while being calm and rational.

We’re looking for a Marketing and Sales Rep with quota. This is a challenging yet fun opportunity for the right salesperson. We have a great service, and you can sell it. How would you describe a Mashup of Airbnb and WeWork?

The company will cover rent for a month or more depending on your sales performance.

You must be proficient in Excel and able to manage data. We will teach you proper marketing and sales methodologies / processes.

We’re starting a unique co-living service for anyone looking for a furnished place to stay for a month or more. Your job is to rent the beds, rooms or units.

- Locals
- Students
- International workers
- Start-Ups
- Entrepreneurs
- Digital Nomads

Marketing Channels:
- Cold Calling
- Website
- Email
- Facebook
- Linkedin
- Instagram
- Events
- Start-up websites
- Organize events / parties with partners
- Schools
- Companies

You need to constantly think of new ideas.

In addition, you will work with a marketing company. You will be selling to marketing teams all over the US. You will be busy.


- Read and understand English

- No smoker, No vaping

- Clean, healthy lifestyle

- Salesforce.com. You need to pick it up quickly and study on your own time. We will provide initial training.

- Excellent time management skills

- Clean, detailed, responsible and organized

- No previous evictions or legal problems.

- Must lift 50 pounds and walk up stairs

- Social, good communication, follows rules, extravert

- No 420, No hard drugs, alcohol OK

- Keep living area clean

- Exceled in previous sales job with quota

- High emotional intelligence. Make guests feel welcome but don’t creep them out.

- Keep rooms clean. Take care of place. Ensure cleaning team does their job.

- Energetic
- High energy
- Loves meeting new people

Please answer these questions with your application:
What’s your expertise level with Excel (1 – 10)?

What’s the biggest adversity you conquered (briefly describe)?

What will be your job role in 3 years?

What keeps your mentally and physically fit?