Project Manager (Technical Background)


About us


Vitamin Software is a small, international team working with funded startups and entrepreneurial organisations across 4 continents. We are currently located in 6 countries and we operate under a remote-first mindset.


We are specialized in the life-cycle of fast-paced projects, where one needs to deliver value incrementally (to ease the customer’s pain!) and without being bound to any particular technology. Our focus is not on a particular tech stack and rather on solving the client’s problem in the most efficient possible way.



About you


You are an experienced IT project manager with a knack for productizing good ideas. You get your energy from talking to clients who are in difficult situations and solving problems for them.

You’re driving most of your decision based on data, RoI and end-users’ feedback.

You know how to interact with a technical team. The way to approach team members, and what are the important things for them.

You find lots of bugs in the products that you use, and have a big list of improvements for each of them. You understand why certain features aren’t implemented in products.



The job


Most of our customers hire us to contribute to their products: from software build out to figuring out the pricing model. The most difficult part of the job is finding a compromise between the realities of startup life (always in a hurry to launch & limited resources) and a feature rich product.


Responsibilities include:

  • Understand the business context of a product

  • Determines end-users’ needs and desires (not necessarily Vitamin client’s wishes)

    • Gain a deep understanding of end-users’ experience with the product

  • Understand the range of technical solutions available in order to fulfill the needs of the users (doesn’t need to be in-depth knowledge)

  • Propose features and longer term roadmap items that are feasible to implement and fulfill the client needs

    • Note: the keyword here is feasible. Understand what can be done, and pair it with what needs to be done.

  • Ensure the project roadmap is on track and that everything actionable is captured in writing

  • Manage client expectations continuously

  • Product/feature development QA

  • Recommend new product sales strategies (to our clients)

    • This might include product pricing restructuring



Our team


Core values for our team:

  • Veni, vidi, vici. We strive to come in, evaluate what’s going on, and relieve the customer’s pain quickly.

  • We get the job done. There is no barrier. If we don’t have the domain knowledge, we learn it. If we need to chat with tens of potential customers to figure out the right value proposition, we look for it. If we need to restructure the client’s team, we do it.

  • We are comfortable being uncomfortable. You never know what you’ll learn tomorrow. But we guarantee it won’t be boring.

  • We always seek to produce positive ROI for our clients. We only build as much as they need,  as quickly as we can. We enable them to fight another battle.


Primary skills needed to get along:

  • (1) finding creative solutions while upholding our set of ethical principles

    • we always bring the bad news to the clients transparently, and act in their best interest. No matter how much it hurts :)

    • we prioritise long term relationships with both clients and our team. These are based on mutual trust, respect and understanding

  • (2) fast learner

  • (3) committed to hard work

    • we track our working hours using a time tracker and cultivate transparency on what everyone works on

    • we work hard to make a dent in the universe – don’t expect a relaxed schedule with relaxed deadlines

  • our clients care most about how quickly we are able to turn around projects



Nice to have, but really not mandatory:

  • Experience with building software products

  • Experience with working remotely



  • market-level salary

  • Macbook Pro for you to use

  • work from home 100% of the time or from our informal office when you’re in Bucharest – Seneca Anticafe

  • it never gets boring



  • once every 4 months, we meet for a week in Bucharest, and work together

  • each time before our team meeting we go for a weekend-long team building

  • occasional trips to clients (every 6 months) for people who are in charge of projects


Want to apply?


Get in touch in English at hello@vitaminsoftware.com


With love and carrots, the Vitamin team.