About iKantam:

iKantam is a leading provider of web/ mobile application development services, focused on e-commerce and IoT solutions headquartered in Minsk, Belarus.


About our business:

Ever since the day of its foundation, it has always been a top priority for us not only to fully understand the needs of every single customer but also to translate them into practice in the most efficient manner. To make it work our team which now includes over 30 highly qualified engineers and designers are constantly expanding their existing knowledge in programming languages (Ruby, PHP, Java, and Objective-C), related frameworks (Ruby on Rails, Zend, Symfony, Meteor, and Node), e-commerce software (Magento, Spree, WebSphere) and UI and UX design. That is why over 100 customers remain satisfied with our services and continue to be loyal to iKantam.


What we are looking for?

We are looking for US-based sales professional to refer us new business and undertake the challenge of establishing & running our US office. They can be highly motivated individuals or small companies who have the relevant experience and interested to grow along with our company.


What we offer?

We offer a percentage of the revenue generated from the business you bring in along with a base pay (once we see the person can actually deliver results).