At OriGen.AI, we are building an AI-based platform for the prediction and optimization of real-life industrial-sized problems. Repsol (Spain’s largest energy company) and NYU Future labs trust us. We are looking for a full-time software engineer with a focus on AI and deep learning. If you have passion and hands-on experience solving real-world challenges using machine learning in large-scale systems, a solid track record building deep learning models and deploying them in production, and want to make a huge positive impact in people’s lives around the world, then this is a great opportunity for you.

As a software engineer specialized in deep learning you will join a team of researchers and engineers to help us productize and scale just baked cutting-edge AI research.


  • Work with our researchers and customers, translating their requirements and applying the latest machine learning techniques to solve real business problems, improve our platform, and develop new capabilities
  • Participate in interviews and help build a world-class team of engineers
  • Design, build, and train custom models and evaluate model performance
  • Help the team deploy production-ready models to customers, to learn from customer feedback and make frequent model improvements
  • Contribute to the overall architecture and implementation of our ML infrastructure, data pipelines, inference engine(s), APIs, and products
  • Collaborate with our engineering and product teams to understand their machine learning related needs and to provide guidance and support where necessary
  • Provide mentoring and technical direction for more junior team members where needed
  • Follow best practices and share them with the team
  • Participate in functional, technical, and code reviews
  • Work in an Agile environment

Minimum Qualifications

  • Hands-on experience working with neural networks and other statistical techniques and successfully delivering and running such systems in production
  • Hands-on experience with ML infrastructure development and support using cloud computing technologies
  • Fluent in using a neural network framework such as TensorFlow, Caffe, * PyTorch, or Theano with an understanding of back-propagation and other mathematical concepts employed by modern ML methods
  • Fluent in Python and other Object Oriented programming languages such as Java/Scala
  • Proficient with distributed systems and well versed in spark, hadoop, and other big data technologies.

Preferred Qualifications

  • A Masters or Ph.D. in Computer Science or related field
  • Experience in data engineering and architecture
  • Experience in applying machine learning for a global-scale enterprise or consumer application
  • Demonstrated knowledge and ability working with AWS, Google Cloud, or other cloud-based solutions to train models, set up data pipelines, and set up inference engines
  • Experience in microservices, Kubernetes, Docker, or other container technology
  • Working knowledge of Node.js, JavaScript, and related technologies and frameworks
  • Experience with developing ML methods in Jupyter Notebooks environment
  • Knowledge of Continuous Integration & Delivery methodologies
  • Excellent problem-solving skills especially debugging of complex software systems
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • A passion for applying latest technologies into the development of innovative features and products
  • A collaborative attitude and demonstrated team-working ability
  • Self-motivated with a strong passion for learning

Compensation and opportunity

We offer a competitive compensation structure with meaningful equity ownership.