Full-Time or Contractor with minimum contract length.

Ever wondered how cultural differences impact public opinions and influence prices in sports betting around the world? Understand how goals, injuries, and bookings impact match dynamics and affects trading exposure.

We’re looking for a highly skilled data analyst to support us developing statistically significant models from our data of billions of price points, hundreds of thousands of matches and years of market insights.

Our mentality is 100% data driven, and not a single strategy will be deployed that has not been properly evaluated by our backtesting and is proven to be profitable in the long-term.

You bring along: 
- Self-driven work attitude – you find the challenges that are most important to solve and go right to it 
- You like working remotely (or in Berlin, Germany) 
- You’ve at least 3 years experience in data analytics, including Python and the relevant data science frameworks (scikit, tensorflow, keras, …) 
- You feel comfortable with timeline series analytics as this is one of our main data formats

What we offer: 
- highly competitive pay 
- Optional equity and/or bonus scheme depending on the trading profits – depending on your personal risk/reward preferences 
- Fun remote team to work with every day 
- Highly flexible work environment 
- A really exciting and unusual job opportunity

If you want to dive into the sports trading world and bring us from 9-digit to 10-digit revenue a year, work with bright people, have a company with absolutely amazing tech have your back, then please apply!

Please apply through our job listing on Angellist below and send us your CV, as well as your Github repository or an alternative where you display your data science knowledge most impressively.