Superb front-end web / CSS developer for cutting edge non-profit websites .

We help charities to transform the lives of millions of people in need. Our online fundraising tools make it easy to create viral social campaigns for causes that really matter. Join us to help them raise more money for vital causes, win campaigns and nurture relationships.

You produce high quality code and love wowing clients at every opportunity as a web developer. You’re excited to work on new and diverse projects with a growing team in this new role. You’ll get a kick out of working for leading brands with cutting-edge technology in the non-profit space with our clients including RSPCA, Macmillan and UNICEF.

Be one of our web developers with an awesome team in our office in a laid back environment and choose to spend most of your time working from home if you prefer.

You are a bright, enthusiastic front-end web developer available to work as a contractor, part time or full time depending on what suits you. We would be interested in talking to anyone that has at least two years experience or the skills to match.

Work with an awesome team in a laid back environment based out of Angel and, if you prefer, choose to spend most of your time working from home.

If you’re interested in applying, then please send through your portfolio of work (a URL would be ideal) and CV to joinus@raisingtit.com. Email or phone us with any of your questions – find out more about us at http://www.raisingit.com/page/were-hiring

Tell your mates about the multiple roles available to get your hands on a  £500 referral fee too through http://raisingit.rolepoint.com/?shorturl=0sLm3.

Your purpose

You’ll be taking Photoshop and Fireworks designs and slicing them up into beautiful, accessible and compatible HTML and CSS (With the occasional bit of JQuery thrown in). Your solutions will work happily in Chrome, Firefox and the latest IE. They will also degrade gracefully and play nicely in IE8 and IE7. Your code will also be expected to work on the majority of mobile devices too, either by zooming or responsive design, depending on client requirements.

Your role

You will meet with new clients, take part in engaging workshops to get the ingredients you need and then should be able to create inspiring and different designs, work with the clients through iterations to pass on to our HTML & CSS to our development team.

Key tasks

You’ll be working closely with designers you will be expected to turn static design interactive standards compliant web pages, ready to be hooked up to live data by our development team.

Demonstrable experience

You must have demonstrable skills and a folio of work relating to your front end web development and implementation skills.

Skills for success

You’ll have technical skills in: 

    HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery

    building ‘mobile’ views (not ‘apps’ at this point)

    thorough understanding of WebFonts, from Google etc.

    thorough understanding of accessibility and W3C standards

Also beneficial, but not essential, skills would be:

    experience with Content Management Systems

    wide experience of 3rd party web solutions and systems that may be useful in future projects (Google analytics, Split testing etc.)

    understanding of how SEO works and core techniques

    knowledge of code management tools, such as SVN, GIT etc.

You use design to solve problems, inspire people to take action and have a good understanding of what makes people tick and user experiences work. You are confident to take part in workshops (following our formats and approach).

Place of work

Work with an awesome team in a laid back environment based out of Angel and, if you prefer, choose to spend most of your time working from home.

To apply

To apply for this position please send your portfolio, a CV and tell us why you are interested in the role and why you could be the one for us.