VincuVentas is an employment technology company specializing in careers in sales. Through data analytics and a human-centered approach, VincuVentas demystifies — and quantifies, the magic behind what makes a good salesperson, allowing sales professionals to best profile themselves, and companies to find just the right candidate for their needs.


We are seeking a strategic and tactical leader who is passionate about developing their team and can handle the growth of a complex business. The COO will work directly alongside the CEO, to continually improve and develop the product and processes in the early stages, and lead the growth of the business far into the future.

We are seeking a COO to be based either in Bogotá, Colombia or Mexico City, Mexico, to support the international expansion of the Vincu product to the Mexican market.

The COO will be directly responsible for acquisition, activation, and retention of both candidates and companies. We are a young company and are constantly experimenting, we need a COO that will help us take those experiments and create processes that are proven to work. We want you to help different parts of the organization break through roadblocks and set the standard for problem solving and experimentation.

The COO must be a highly analytical in thinker in order to make key strategic decisions to guide the direction of the company. While startup experience is not required, experience and comfort building and leading under great uncertainty is critical. Ambition to think and build big is a must.


  • 6+ years of relevant experience
  • Passion for helping people grow professionally
  • Incredible analytical abilities
  • Flexible, quick thinking and learning
  • Great appreciation for delightful user experiences, as well as digital solutions
  • Great risk appetite
  • Strong leadership abilities
  • Commitment to growing ventures in Latin America
  • Complete fluency in English and Spanish


Important comments on compensation and risk-taking

We work in a highly entrepreneurial environment, with the expectation that all parties involved take real financial risk to build a successful company and thus produce life-changing financial outcomes.

As opposed to building a company on your own, Founders receive salaries on day one. However, within the Polymath model, senior Founders are expected to take significant haircuts from their market salary. This is well-overcompensated for through substantial equity ownership in the business. Thus, should the business be successful (which we do everything in our power to accomplish together), the financial outcomes will be many times more than the financial risk taken.

We realize that starting salaries are well below market salary. But given the substantial levels of equity participation, and the need to give the business as much runway in the first year to prove success, this is the entrepreneurial reality. And after further rounds, the salary does go up to more reasonable levels, though will never reach full market salary (this is entrepreneurship and we want risk takers!)