Every member of the Technology team is responsible for:

The availability, security, scalability of our e-commerce platform
Delivering our product roadmap
Planning for the future
As a Senior UI Developer in the Consumer Web Applications team you and your team will own the consumer web applications that are used to place millions of orders on our website each year. Your team will be responsible for planning the future technical direction of our web apps, adding new features from our roadmap, and supporting those changes all the way through to operating successfully in production.

We don’t divide responsibility for development and operation of our platform, so you and your team will support the changes you make all the way through to operating successfully in production at peak times.


Our principles are at the core of how we meet our responsibilities. As a senior member of your team, you’ll need to demonstrate those principles and make them a core part of how you work day to day:

Do the right thing
Take responsibility
Be transparent
Continuously improve
Take pride
Part of an effective team

Our engineering teams are growing because we have a huge number of ideas of how to improve the experience customers and restaurants have. As a Senior UI Developer you play a key role in ensuring that your team can efficiently turn those ideas into reality. You’ll need to:

Track the progress that you are making towards the wider goals of your team, and transparently communicate that progress to your team and Technical Lead.
Keep to the processes, standards and designs that your team has agreed.
Ensure you and others continuously improve by proposing and then implementing new processes, designs and engineering practices that make your team more effective.
Contribute to the definition of product features, including in workshops with other engineering teams and Product Management.
Take responsibility for supporting your changes all the way through to proving that they work well – and continue to work well – in production.
Part of a healthy team

As well as responsibility for your own work, everyone is responsible for the overall health of their team and the people in it. You’ll need to generate enthusiasm and a sense of pride within your team for both the product features you build and the engineering skills you apply to problems.

What can you expect from us?

We’ll believe and trust in you and your abilities. So you and your team will have the authority to make the technical decisions you need to meet your responsibilities to the rest of the platform and company.

The opportunity to become a senior and authoritative voice within the engineering team of a large and successful, but still fast growing company.
An environment in which good, evidence-based arguments are always listened to, and will win out.
5 days for training of your choice each year, and support toward the costs.
Regular 1-2-1 meetings with your Technical Lead, with support and guidance to set and then meet personal career objectives.
An open, friendly and fun environment; we have a relaxed dress code and regular social events, including sundowners every Friday.
Hackathons – use your imagination, ideas and technologies of your choice to innovate and deliver prototypes of new products.

Main responsibilities

The successful candidate should be a strong HTML5 and JavaScript developer with a clear ability to write modern, object-oriented JavaScript, leaning heavily on open source tooling to build web-scale front-ends.

We’re looking for someone with experience in client side MVVM or MVC frameworks (e.g. Angular.js, Knockout.js, Backbone.js, Ember), somebody who believes that test-driving their front-end code – with tools like Jasmine, QUnit and Phantom – is as essential as TDDing their server side code, and someone with a focus on writing clean, idiomatic HTML and JavaScript.

While largely a Microsoft/C# based tech-organisation, we make extensive use of Ruby, JavaScript and AWS, preferring open source tools and frameworks over vendor supplied ones. You’ll need to be comfortable working in, or around, a Windows dev environment (and exposure to Visual Studio is a plus), but we appreciate that our tooling may change (Grunt, etc.) to accommodate more sophisticated JavaScript development.

Our tool-set is based around GitHub and Git for source control and coordination, and we already use .less in our CSS, so familiarity with those will be beneficial, but we’re looking for the right person to help define and drive strong, maintainable patterns and practices in our front-end.

Your skills and experience

You must have experience of:

MV* Frameworks (e.g. Angular.js, Knockout.js)
Web UI (HTML5 + CSS3)
JavaScript Unit Testing
Targeting multiple device types
Performance profiling and tuning of your code
You’ll have an advantage if you have experience of:

Source Control Tools (GIT)
ASP.NET MVC with C# (using Visual Studio)
Working for an e-commerce company


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