Are you a powerful programmer? Do you love solving problems with your keyboard and text editor? Are you looking to use your coding skills to help fuel space exploration in our solar system and beyond?

 Then we want you on the team!

 Blackswan Technologies is a software company focused on development of autonomous robotic space systems.

 Our team is currently developing a simulation software for robotics space missions that is not only able to model orbital mechanics, physics, kinematics and dynamics accurately in a 3D environment, but also provides photo-realistic graphics. All of this will enable the training of autonomous robotics based on neural networks, a leap forward for the way future space missions are designed and carried out.

 To level up your development knowledge and abilities all while helping build the future of space, send us your CV today!

 Job Description:

  • Design, develop and fix bugs in our photo realistic simulator.

  • Research which technical solutions would best fit the problem and project needs.

  • Perform testing of the simulator subsystems, engaging team members as necessary.

  • Work closely with different technical teams (Astrodynamics, GNC, AI, Robotics, , etc.) to suggest improvements.

Job Requirements:

  • A minimum of one year working as a Unity3D developer.

  • Degree or diploma in computer science/ engineering/ fundamental sciences or in a related field with experience in Unity3D development.

  • Hands on knowledge of C# (.NET Framework, OOP and Unity API) is a must.

  • Understanding vectors, quaternions and knowing how to write coroutines, multithreaded code, event systems as well as writing unit tests.

  • Possess a strong understanding and relevant experience in developing in Unity3D.

  • Practical experience with implementation of real world physics such as kinematics, rigid body dynamics, soft body dynamics, applied mechanics, thermodynamics together with MATLAB experience would be an asset.

Job Location: Vilnius city center, Lithuania (preferable) or E-Work/Telecommuting

Employment Type: Full time

Working at Blackswan Technologies – What’s in it for me?

  • Solve problems that have not been tackled yet with bleeding edge technology.

  • Work alongside individuals who share your values and are passionate about space.

  • Gain valuable experience working in a sector with huge demand.

  • Have the ability to work on projects that match your passions.

  • Company covered commute to/from the office in Vilnius with SPARK electric cars.